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Happy Third Birthday, Lyla!

Written by Leah Davis on April 19, 2012

Today our baby girl turned three. It's hard to believe. She has changed and grown so much over the short time we've known and loved her, but I know the really exciting part is still to come :)

We had a super fun party over the weekend, complete with a ballerina cake and a real ballerina to give a dance lesson!

Ballerina attire for each guest:

Barbie and her entourage of dancers:

Lyla and Nova

All dressed up!

Ready for the ballet lesson!

Our lovely and charming ballerina, Abbi:

Up on the tip toes!

Lyla showing her three fingers:

Atticus representing for camera-shy Toni in the group picture :)

Tabs had fun feeding Atty blueberries:

Lyla modeling her Rapunzel dress and "hair extension" - this has definitely been worn every day since the party!

I will try to post some video of the dance lesson once I edit it - it was pretty cute :) Happy birthday Lyla, we love you so much!


A winter day at the beach

Written by Leah Davis on April 14, 2012

February and September are the best months in SF :)

Lyla showing off her Frida Kahlo sand unibrow.

Tabitha showing off her bulldog bite.


Tabitha's Walking!

Written by Leah Davis on April 13, 2012

Here is a video montage of my obsessive recording of Tabitha on the first day she really got the hang of walking :)

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Lyla's into hair braids these days.

Written by Leah Davis on April 13, 2012

She looks so old with her hair pulled back...


Visit to Yosemite

Written by Leah Davis on April 12, 2012

{Belated Post}

We had a great visit with my family back in February. A highlight was a trip to Yosemite with the girls. I forgot my camera, so forgive the iPhone photos :)

Tabitha's first taste of a snowball.

Family Foto.

This girl's big teeth just make me so happy.

Grammy and Lyla making a snow angel.

Two Hipstamatic views of Half Dome (love them both):

Grammy and Girlies at Yosemite Falls.

We may have turned 30, but we're just two kids in love:


How to convince mama to sweep the floor.

Written by Leah Davis on April 11, 2012


A bit of deja vu (the last photo): http://davisfamily.onsugar.com/date/2010/10/25


How to entertain two babies with one swing.

Written by Leah Davis on April 10, 2012

Notice the matching finger sucking :)


Tabitha's First Birthday Party

Written by Leah Davis on March 29, 2012

Now that it's almost Lyla's birthday, I'd better post Tabi's birthday photos :) We started her morning with blueberry pancakes.

We had a fun but mellow birthday gathering at our favorite playground, complete with matching skirts for the Davis girls and cupcakes for all.

Despite not taking her nap that morning, she enjoyed the cream cheese frosting all over her fingers.

Happy birthday Tabitha! You're such a joy and blessing to our little family and we love you!


Thank you, Uncle Jack!

Written by Leah Davis on February 5, 2012

For our beautiful birthday tutus and leg warmers!!

The girls have had so much fun wearing these, almost every day, since they came in the mail!

A new favorite place to play is Lyla's bed, now that Tabitha is tall enough to climb in by herself!

Enough playing, time to rest...


Happy Birthday Tabitha!

Written by Leah Davis on January 30, 2012

Today our baby girl is one year old! We love her so much and can't wait to see what this year brings for her!